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Program that retrieves all your past messages from WhatsApp, including photos, videos, and voice notes

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The Whatsapp Extractor allows users to use their iPhone to back up and retrieve Whatsapp data in case of loss.


The modern world is a technological marvel, with seemingly everyone and everything connected to everyone and everything else. This has given rise to a vast amount of data, and sometimes that data can be lost, especially when said information pertains to or is hosted as part of a social network. This data loss is frustrating at best and, at worst, truly damaging to the victim. Happily, the Whatsapp Extractor tool can back up all of your photos, chats, posts, and other Whatsapp data right to your iPhone, which means that even if something bad happens and your data is lost, you can have things back to normal in a mater of moments.

Users' Whatsapp data begins to be archived at a user-defined point and can then be backed up and/or retrieved at will. Specific data is output in specific ways: Contacts are exported as a spreadsheet-friendly .CSV file, while videos and other such communication-based files are usually kept in their original format. There are no surprises, either -- this tool will tell the user exactly what can be recovered and how much of it (three videos and a .CSV file with two pages worth of contacts, for instance). Everything is displayed in a simple, easy-to-read format visible on one screen. Now, one need not swipe through a million windows -- it's all right there in one spot!

Finally, the technology used to operate the Whatsapp Data Extractor tool is easy and, for most people interested in such things, fairly easy to obtain. Users only need an iPhone, iTunes, and the appropriate programs for the data extracted. The last of these is particularly accessible, since audio/video utilities like VLC players, free spreadsheet and PDF readers, and so forth are readily available and user-friendly.


* The Whatsapp Data Extractor is very easy to use. The learning curve and install/setup process ensure that even the technology-averse can take advantage of this tool.

* The Whatsapp Data Extractor saves everything! Provided the tool is installed and set up properly before an instance of data loss, Whatsapp users can be confident that all of their pictures, chats, audio, video, and text posts will be there when and where they need them.


* If you want to use this utility, you're going to need an iPhone with an adequate version of iOS and access to the Internet. There's no way around this requirement. Furthermore, you're going to need an up-to-date version of iTunes. Most users will want a Mac or PC if they don't already have one, if for no other reason than simple convenience.

* The feature set of this tool is somewhat basic. It's designed that way, in fact. The object of that design decision is simplicity, but for users who like to tinker and test new technology, this might be a bit of a letdown.


Though not without its quirks and limitations, the Whatsapp Data Extractor tool is a great way to keep your Whatsapp data secure and accessible. Check it out today!

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